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Following discussions, advice and encouragement from University tutors, 3D was born in the Summer of 2003 to three friends who shared the same interest and passion for one thing – the theatre.

Nia Wyn Jones from Aberdaron, Hannah Wynn Jones from Colwyn Bay and Catrin Wyn Jones from Llanelli. Good friends, and now business partners.

We are firm believers that fate has played a part in the path we have taken with this company, and we thank the lord for each other!! Without the love and loyalty between the three of us, it’s safe to say that we wouldn’t have survived a month let alone years in existence.

3 girls, from 3 of the most extreme corners of Wales. That triangle which resembles a boomerang. However much you throw that bloomin’ boomerang the damn thing always comes back. That’s what you call true loyalty!

At the time of our graduation from The University Of Wales, Aberystwyth in 2003, a number of our friends and fellow students were forming bands, and were being offered gigs here there and everywhere. Why can’t we, we thought, be part of something creative like that?  How and why do bands of every standard have a stage and an audience in Wales so easily? Our mindset was that a good drama is like a gig.
“A night out to enjoy – that’s what people want!”
That was the essence of our theatre from the very beginning – to create accessible theatre. Take drama to the people, in their environment, where they’re comfortable….watching our productions while musing over a pint or a gin and tonic.

Entertaining people was our mission.

To this day, we try to please our audiences through performing a wide variety of genres in English and Welsh.

In October 2003, after the three of us had settled in Cardiff, we kick-started the company good and proper. We received business advice from Entrepreneur Action that led on to sponsorship from the WDA for marketing resources and a logo. The next step was to make contacts in the theatre and performance circles of Cardiff, where  we were fortunate enough to meet the lovely James Tyson Programmes Manager at Chapter Arts Centre. James recognised our energy and enthusiasm and allowed us to use a space at Chapter for performing a new original piece of theatre in April 2004. This was the first big break for us.
The next step?....Devising that play!

In a smoky corner in a quiet bar in cardiff we found Gareth John Bale, puffing on a cigar, exuding creativity and directorial promise. As we struggled to juggle producing, writing, directing and performing in Endorffin, our very first production we soon realised that we needed an objective eye…..and Gareth gave his word that he would look after us. And he did. Seeing his face drop after seeing what we'd done with directing our first work, he quickly sat us down, gave us some beer and told us everything would be ok as long as we listened to him….and not precious about our work. It worked and we sold out on our first production. Get more info on that production on the ‘PAST PRODUCTIONS’ page

6 productions later and Gareth is still directing our work and an integral part of 3D.

 James and the staff at Chapter were very constructive and helpful and the solid relationship between us continues today – nearly five years and six productions later.

The thing that drives us on under sometimes difficult and very poor circumstances is the pleasure we get from working with talented and enthusiastic new groups of people all the time….being a part of something positive, fresh and creative. For one universal reason…because we enjoy it!